Issues with Sugar

This primarily all goes back to our brain’s reward circuit. It is a very ancient mechanism, designed to provide us with reward for things we consider elementarily positive. It produces a drive, a desire, to get what we need. This is why it is so difficult to ignore it or simply shut it off. It is not easy to change such things. Conversely, our “logical” brain is the one who has the ability to say: “hey, wait a minute. This is not nutritious, nor is it conducive to positive behavior and productive living. Plus, it can even seriously harm you in the long run!” In a general sense, people desire sugary/fatty/junk foods because it activates the pleasure chemicals in their brains. It may not be the most nutritious food on earth, but it is everywhere, it is fairly cheap, it is sweet, and it is comforting. That’s right, it’s called “comfort food” for a reason.

Processed sugar is pretty much a drug. You will become addicted to it, children especially are susceptible to becoming addicted to sugar. Apple juice is packed with sugar and kids will literally get addicted to it. Have you ever seen a kid screaming that they NEEDED their juice. They put added sugar to many juices on the market today. Companies want kids to get addicted to their product so parents will buy it more often for their children. Especially if they see that it is fruit juice. Parents see that it says fruit on it and they will assume that it is healthy for their child. They won’t read the ingredients so they won’t know it is filled with added sugar. Many fruit juice is pretty much the same as letting your kid drink soda.

If you consume sugar on a regular basis then your body will get used to it and your body will become addicted to it. You will go through withdrawal when you stop consuming it as well. Just like a drug. It also affects the brain in a similar way. Doing cocaine and consuming sugar are both stimulants. The same portions of the brain, if you consume a lot of sugar and then stop your brain will also need to reboot to be able to function properly without the sugar. It also affects your body PH balance in your body. Which can have a negative effect on your immune system and your body’s ability to fight off infections, bacteria, and viruses. Once you get off sugar you can consume some lemon or lime juice every day to keep your body’s Ph balance at a proper level.

Sugar also give you a lot of energy at first and then you crash hard, crashing is a similar to uppers. The crash can also make you feel down and depressed. If you consume sugar every day and then crash every day it probably isn’t good for your state of mind. Everyday having a depressed episode based off your diet is not a healthy way to live your life physically or emotionally.


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