Glocked and Loaded

If you are going to carry a gun in concealment, do it right. Glock released the Glock 26 (aka baby Glock) back in the mid-1990’s. This was a time when there were already many slim/subcompact guns, and maybe even some of them were 9mm. Nevertheless, Glock made a great move, coming out with a small, concealable 9mm handgun. There were many who were nuts about the Glock 17 and 19 – the baby’s bigger brothers – and when a smaller version came out, they went for it without a second thought.

The Glock 26 is one hell of a weapon. It is not just a smaller version of the 19. I’ve had it for a while, and here is my baby Glock review. Let’s start at the build of it. It is very similar to the G17 and G19, with its polymer and steel construction. This is what makes it as durable and reliable as any other Glock out there. It is light, effective, and the Safe Action system has proven itself in many ways. People talk about accuracy, but I think that is a bunch of hooey, since the accuracy of a gun is all on the operator, really. Assuming you possess the ability to aim and shoot, this gun does facilitate accuracy. You will find that the grip is obviously smaller, and if you want there are some accessories geared towards making the grip a bit larger. Just a bit, mind you, since if you want a bigger, better, tighter grip – well, maybe a 26 is not for you. Maybe what you are looking for is a Glock 19. Could be. You’ll have to pick one up and see how it fits in your hands.

The Glock 26 has a capacity of 10 rounds of 9X19 Parabellum. This thinks packs a mean punch, and it has plenty of stopping power, check out Although, as many people point out, if you really want to stop someone, any caliber will do. The flying projectile will do anything if you aim well enough. This is another opportunity to remind you to practice, practice, practice your shooting.


Also, there is some debate over chambered vs non-chambered carrying. I feel that for those with concealed weapons, who would probably want to enjoy reaping the rewards of the element of surprise – a sometimes-crucial advantage – you should be carrying your G26 with a round in the chamber. If you are a newbie carrier, or perhaps are not used to concealed carrying, don’t worry. You will learn to trust your weapon as you continue training with it. After some time, once you get to know the weapon more, you will find that it takes a lot more than the mere existence of a cartridge in the chamber to get to shoot. It takes a lot more to bypass all of those safeties and release a bullet.

Whether for self-defense or home-defense, or as a backup service gun – the Glock 26 is considered a neat little gun. My experience with it has been very positive. I hope I never have to draw and fire, but if I do, I have faith in this little guy.

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