Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil. Am I right?

It is good for so many things, and the tree itself is highly useful. People from all over the world made attempts to cultivate eucalyptus trees in areas with marshes and swamps. The tree helps to dry up those areas, and even though sometimes it does come with certain ecological issues, it is considered a safe and quick way of changing the way a ‘wet’ area goes about its business.

Should we be messing with the natural earth like that? Some say no, but I disagree. I believe that while some areas should be preserved, we humans take precedence. This is something I say not a way of pride or vanity, but simply as a fact. We humans have a job, a burden which animals do not seem to carry, and because of that, we were given the power to change our environment, as if we were a force of nature. And in a very real way – we are.

When things hit the fan, you gotta change your clothes. Or something like that. At any rate, using nature – eucalyptus trees – to dry out other natural areas; it is a lot more acceptable to me than many other practices and solutions which modern industrial companies are providing. I am not a man of the land, even though I love it. I am not a farmer, and I am not a real-estate entrepreneur. When I read of people and places in the history books, I say to them: you did good. Because ultimately, those people used certain areas for living and for development. And if other places had to be changed to support that, than I suppose it was important enough at the time. The earth is a living organism, and it can weather pretty much anything. Check out this awesome Eucalyptus Essential Oil by Maple Holistic.

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