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I feel there is a reason why evolution “decided” to keep the thick hair on our heads and nether-regions. In this post, I will discuss the importance of hair maintenance, and will leave the pubic area for another day, and a whole other state of mind.

So, our head of hair. Obviously, it means a lot to us humans. Hair has been an important part of human life, and this is evident throughout history. It has profound cultural, social, and religious significance to many people. So, how do you take of your hair in the best possible way?

To answer that question, we need to start at the beginning. I am not about to write about the biological or physiologoical processes – so, not the very beginning – simply because I am not versed enough in those areas of knowledge. But, I will write about what I know. And what I know, through study and research, is that I react in the best way to natural products like tea tree essential oil, peppermint, and lavender. Check out Honeydew Products for a free sample of their amazing products.

The hair on our head and the health of our scalp are both closely related to the production of sebum, the body’s natural supply of oil. Sebum glands are found almost everywhere on our body, and they produce and distribute sebum as needed. But there are times when those glands are affected by external circumstances, by products and medications which alter the chemical makeup of the scalp/skin in some way, and by natural changes and processes occurring in the body, such as menstruation, disease, and age-related phenomenon.

So, taking care of your hair could be something which changes over time. It also depends on how you treat yourself: your lifestyle, your diet, and even your levels of stress and discontentment. It is amazing, how pshycosomatically sensitive my hair and scalp can be. So, the way I found that I love tea tree oil is by getting a free sample from a company in the mail. I signed up and agreed to provide them with an honest review on the products they will send me. They sent a shampoo with tea tree, and a conditioner with jojoba and silk peptides. Now, yes, the silk may not be as natural since it comes from the silk worm, but it is still natural since it is created by – and derived from – a living organism.So, I began using these free samples on my head, and I found they agreed with me. This is after I had used other products which didn’t really do it for me. They say that one of the best ways to do something right is to do it wrong, and then learn from the experience. This is the fundamentally desirable way of existing as a human being – learning from mistakes. So, with that in mind, I saw that the tea tree felt nice, smelled good, and provided me with some visible results. It wasn’t that my scalp and hair were a mess before that, but I was able to perceive a change. Shop natures design just got a new facebook page check em out!

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