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Many might shrug their shoulders at the thought of traditional medicines but we tend to forget that modern medicine evolved out of this and still carries some of the basic principles that we learned during the times of alternative treatments. Of course, I use the term evolve because we have a greater sense of enlightenment than we did all those years ago and now have better means of treating most serious ailments. However, natural remedies are becoming popular again due to the often drastic terms that modern medicine has and the negative effects that it may have on your body too.

It’s always been something of interest to me because of the fact that most of the side-effects that are induced by most pharmaceutical treatments are (in some cases) worse than the original affliction as is. I find this approach to medicine quite backwards and worry about our growing dependency on these methods as the very bacteria and infections that they’re designed to treat are quickly learning how to evolve passed this methods of treatments in their own right. An interesting point of natural products is that they’re divided into two major groups namely primary and secondary metabolites. Primary metabolites are chemical compounds that are essential to promoting and sustaining a healthy level of life quality in the organism, whereas secondary metabolites are defined as extrinsic chemicals that are not essential to an organism’s life but would rather boost the organism’s immune system and give it an evolutionary edge. Honeydew Products is the greatest place to find amazing and affordable organic products.

This is important to  regard when considering using natural vitamin supplements and other mineral supplements that are chemically reduced from natural products. I recommend using the natural products in their original form as they’re healthier, stronger and generally for your body and immune system than chemical reduced pharmaceutical products as they are pure and concentrated as opposed to being watered down and full of unnatural by-products. Some of the most important of these natural stimulants are fatty amino acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 9 which are used to help strengthen your brain cell activity, as well as protect your brain cells against retrogressive damage caused by age and free-radical damage thus improving concentration, focus and even increase your natural levels of happiness.

I think that going the organic route is ultimately a better option for you and will have many natural benefits for your body. Products that have been distilled from natural organisms can be used to treat topical skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, bacteria that cause infections such as the staphylococcus aureus which can infect open wounds and cause serious illness and infection if left untreated. Most modern pharmaceutical products are designed to replicate and amplify the effects of natural organisms . So why not just go straight to the source and utilise the natural products in their raw, organic form. This is a great way to sustain and better your general quality of life as well as improve your health. I think that once you try organic options – you won’t be shrugging your shoulders as often.

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