Fake Phone Calls

My dad is a lecturer in genetics and is the head of department in Haifa University. That means that he’s got a pretty good name for himself. He’s a Professor of Genetics and goes by Dr. That makes him a cool guy in his circles. He has minions that do his work for him, own the genetics labs in his building and has his own office. With a plant in it. Yeah, he’s that guy. Anyway, this means that important people sometimes want to talk to him. But here’s the thing about my dad, he doesn’t have much patience. This can be a problem when it comes to making connections in the work place and just generally being a respected person in the office. He always thinks he’s right and small talk just isn’t his thing. But like I said he has other great qualities – he’s a professor after all.

Either way, recently at work that had a party for these two 90-year-old men in the Biology field. And apparently one of them is a big talker. He spends a lot of his time trying to tell people about his life. My dad has a lot of respect for the elderly, so you’ll never find him brushing these kinds of people off, but like I said he doesn’t do so well with the small talk stuff. He has his frie nds, and any conversation he wants to have he’s happy to just post on Facebook and lets the comments do the work. So when this 90 year old came up to him and started talking to him he was happy to partake in a few minutes of conversation but soon he was ready to call it quits. This old guy just doesn’t get the hint though.

My dad’s like “Okay, so I have to go back up to my office now” and instead of taking the hint this old man was like “Oh wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen your office, can I come take a look?”. So, my dad is saying of course, thinking he’ll give him a ten-minute tour and then he’ll leave. But no such luck. They get up to the office and the old man is looking around, still talking away. So, my dad gets an idea. He pulls out a phone from his top drawer (it’s not wired to anything. The phone doesn’t work). Meanwhile the old man is telling my dad how he has really bad hearing, he practically can’t hear anything, and my dad is having to shout a bit to make sure he hears. Then my dad picks up the (unconnected) phone and says “yes, hello?” pretending he got a phone call! And, bless the old man’s soul, the guy goes “see! I didn’t even hear your phone ring!” If that’s not the most hilarious story you’ve heard today, you need to get your funny bone checked. My dad felt really bad about it but he had to get back to work and this old man just wasn’t having it.

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